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Evansville Podcast

Apr 26, 2017

Stew Armstrong, Lou Rodriguez, and Paul Eason of Encounter Church join me to discuss what has been going on since last year's purchase of Hammerheads bar on Main Street in downtown Evansville. 

They answer the following questions:

How long do they anticipate it taking before the basement stops smelling like beer? And if the answer is that the beer smell is already gone, I'd like to know their secrets. Asking for a fraternity adviser...

Was it more of a challenge than you expected with the needed changes?

Are you still getting the negative backlash for buying Hammerheads from both sides of the aisle? "But it was a bar!" or "Oh no! My favorite music venue!"

How's the elevator holding up?

How do you balance renovating a building with helping the community?

With the ability to listen/watch sermons online from all over the world, what is the benefit to meeting in a physical place?

So many new coffee shops downtown, is the plan for the building still to have a coffee shop?

We are in a politically charged time. How, as a church, do you cross those boundaries that usually divide people?

Where do you see Encounter church in 5 - 10 years?