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Evansville Podcast

Apr 10, 2017

Nathan Boerner, Farrin Davis, and Drew Broadbent talk with us about their podcast, Don't Quit Your Daydream.  We discuss how they met, how they got started podcasting, what their favorite episode was so far (Episode 25?!?), where they got the idea for good cop/bad cop, editing, being consistent on releasing episodes, getting guests to cry, and having similar guests as other shows in the area.  Are you one of the Don't Quit Your Daydreamers? #drewnation



Holy Grail Records is celebrating Record Store Day at River City Mercantile on Saturday, April 22nd.

From 7 am – 7 pm, there will be an expanded inventory, including new releases, rare finds, gently used records, music from regionally-based acts, as well as cassettes, 7- inches, 45s, and CDs.


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