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Evansville Podcast

Mar 26, 2017

Michael Leppert of, author & lobbyist joins Matt and Justin to talk about the Indiana Statehouse, Neville finds something to like about Trump, Gorsuch Supreme Court proceedings, Michael's Book - Contrary to Popular Belief, how life has changed from Governors - O'Bannon to Daniels to Pence to Holcomb, if Pence was a good Governor, how hard is shifting from congress to state government, SPEA, rising stars in the democrat party in Indiana but not being pushed nationally, can you be prepared to be in public service before actually being in public service, Republicrats or Hoosier democrats, Gerrymandering, Hillary Clinton's personality problem, the importance of engagement, recognizing satire, purity to each party, how Senator Joe Donnelly is doing and how the 2018 race may go, who knew that healthcare was so complicated, ”I’m President and you're not”, the importance of North Korea, predictions on how the Trump Presidency will end, and bias crimes.