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Evansville Podcast

May 2, 2017

Trump best-golfing president ever
trump 100 days
keystone pipeline
Gorsuch on the court
Justin thinks Gorsuch is no more conservative than Merrick Garland is liberal. Matt disagrees. Justin thinks the Dems wasted their filibuster causing the republican senate to use the nuclear option. Matt thinks the republicans would have used that nuclear option anyway on a future nominee so it does not matter.
the CR (Continuing Resolution) is a win (no shut down of the government)
Obamacare repeal attempt
Sean Spicer's ongoing statements (war with media)
Al Smith Dinner vs Correspondents dinner (trump Hillary is so crooked...)
Trump signed more bills into laws than any other president in the first 100 days
Trump admits not being ready for the presidency
Trump's claim of constitutional checks and balances being archaic
how much history should a president know
Trump's quote about Andrew Jackson and the civil war
John Meacham American Lion
Nancy Pelosi wants George W. Bush back
Justin doesn't mind the tough stance on North Korea. Is this a cold war with China with North Korea filling the Cuba role? Matt thinks it's all up to China to get the region in order.
Mike Pence's claim of Hoosiers being the greatest sports movie
Justin agrees
Matt thinks it is the biggest homer pick. He thinks not even the best basketball movie.
Better sports movies (according to Matt)
White Men Can't Jump
Space Jam
Teen Wolf
Above the Rim
Blue Chips
He Got Game
Jeb Bush becoming the owner of Miami Marlins
Justin big fan of The View