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Evansville Podcast

Jan 3, 2018

We met up with Evansville native, Brandon Gaudin, before a recent Indiana University game in Bloomington to talk with him about his sports broadcasting career, being the voice of the Madden NFL video game, the difference between doing TV vs radio, going to Butler, working at the University of Evansville, the video game recording process, how he landed the Madden job, working for the Big 10 network, how he preps for each game he broadcasts (Brandon was not joking about both teams being horrible 3 point shooting teams), if sports has become just a job now, majoring in Political Science, Saved by the Bell, his favorite sports to announce, dream gigs, and old school college soccer commentating with Dr. James MacLeod.


Big thanks to the official Coryspondent of Evansville Podcast, Cory Edwards, for setting up this chat and co-hosting with me.