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Evansville Podcast

Dec 8, 2016

Clips from the best of Evansville Podcast for 2016. Episodes included: Illya Williams of Spice Cafe, Laura Burton of Evansville Collective, Josh Merritt, Stew Armstrong  Encounter Church buys Hammerheads, Alex Burton and Matthew Neville Democrat Primary, Justin Groenert and Rick Martin Republican Primary, Change the World Zac Parsons Alex Mourer and Nick Basham, No Malice with Sean Little, Mary Allen Sixth Street Soapery, Deandre Wilson, Jason Lee McKinney, Tin Man Ego Crusher Nick Davidson Fred Hillenbrand Cas One and Figure, Ditto, Evansville Podcast Network Clark Osborne Josh Pietrowski and Laura Burton, Paul Eason, Flickchart Cory Edwards, Michael Thissen, Yoga Samantha Minnette and Mark Goltiao, Parksfest Alex Mourer and Claire Ballard, Michael Barber, and Michele Branson Bopp


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