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Evansville Podcast

Jul 27, 2016

Steve Tyner and Jayson Harper of Jenny's Bad Hair Day join me to discuss the upcoming I Love The 90's Party at Bokeh Lounge on July 30th. We also discuss the band and the path going forward, the differences of covers vs original music, and what do you wear to a 90s party?

Jul 20, 2016

This episode is a little different than the others. Listen in as I walk around last year's SWIRCA Brewfest and record some conversations I had with the guests, volunteers, and vendors that night. Think of it as a sample of what is to come for this year's event. This year's Brewfest (Saturday night, July 23) and the...

Jul 12, 2016

Alex Mourer and Claire Ballard talk about this year's edition of ParksFest. Alex lets us know who some of the bands that are going to be on the show this year and tells us some of the behind the scenes happenings of previous editions of ParksFest. Alex and Claire also discuss which one of them will be the next mayor.

Jul 5, 2016

Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director, Ted McKinney, and Karen Sue Blaize joins me to discuss the Indiana Grown program and I Pick Here's involvement.