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Evansville Podcast

May 27, 2015

Ashley McReynolds joins me to discuss the Way Late Play Date happening May 30th at the Children's Museum of Evansville. We also talk about CMOE's attractions and workin at the museum.

May 19, 2015

Kelly Lefler had an idea and she didn't let the fact that she had no sauce get in the way of that idea. She did her homework. She found the right people. She even found the stores. Then she made the sauce. In five years Mimi's Gourmet Pasta Sauce made its way into just about every grocery store in the tri-state area...

May 13, 2015


Without the historic side of Newburgh, the town would be just a town. It makes Newburgh rich and unique. As director of Historic Newburgh, Incorporated, Carol Schaefer is keenly aware of the importance of not only preserving this part of Newburgh, but also helping it thrive. There is so much going on that it's...

May 2, 2015

Listen to Your Mother tells the story of motherhood using the original voices and unique stories of local mothers. Evansville is one of only 39 cities nationwide accepted to participate thanks to the work of Kate McKinney and Hillary Melchiors. Thirteen women including Kate and Hillary will perform in what is sure to...